Top Real Estate Agents in Blue Ridge, GA 2023

Top Real Estate Agents in Blue Ridge, GA 2023

  • Laura Elleby
  • 04/5/23

Whether you are hoping to buy or sell a home in Blue Ridge, GA, real estate, you want to know that this major investment is in the best possible hands and that your priorities and needs are well understood and represented at every turn. 

How can you move forward confidently on your real estate journey, knowing that your chosen agent is truly a top agent in Blue Ridge? Here are some questions to ask and some qualities to look out for to help you choose your agent wisely.

Do they call Blue Ridge home?

An agent who researches and hears about a community secondhand is not going to be able to convey to you the intimate details of neighborhoods’ personalities, the realities of contending with traffic or treacherous roads, the best local restaurants, and all of the small nuances of community life that a local knows experientially. If you want a real estate agent who can give you a clear and honest assessment of Blue Ridge, choose one who also calls this town home.

Do they have extensive experience?

Regardless of the number of training courses and certifications an agent may hold, nothing is more valuable than on-the-job training and learning to solve problems, address specific needs and situations, and provide outstanding customer care. Find out how long your prospective agent has been in the business and, specifically, how long the agent has been working in Blue Ridge. The top agent in Blue Ridge is one who has valuable years of experience under their belt and has continued to grow professionally through their practice.

Do they know the local housing market?

This beautiful, mountainous area has a tremendous amount of demand. Great agents keep one eye always on the market, analyzing trends and looking for indicators that will help their customers make the best possible decisions about the right time and price for buying and selling property. 

What is their sales strategy?

A customized plan for selling a home is vital and must match current trends of online home shopping. It is estimated that 95% of home buyers begin their quest for a new home online, and among the younger-middle-aged demographic, almost all home searches begin this way. The marketing-savvy real estate agent knows this and capitalizes on the broadest possible market through the use of professional photography and expert staging tactics. Cinematic video production, drone flyovers of the property, and other creative strategies help set your property apart from the competition. Ask any potential agent to provide you with a detailed marketing strategy that will resonate with the ideal buyer.

Are they a great listener?

When it comes to finding your family a new home, you need an agent who will take the time to ask questions and really get to know your family, your lifestyle, your interests, and your desires for that home you’ve always dreamed of. They will then let that knowledge guide them as a measuring standard for all the properties they present to your family. As you peruse the listings and tour homes, a top agent in Blue Ridge will help you focus on your values and priorities, ensuring that you are pleased with your final purchase.

What key personality traits should they possess?

In addition to being a great listener, a real estate agent must have a winning personality. There are countless ups and downs in the home search process, and your agent must remain optimistic and a problem-solver through them all. With a can-do spirit, they should work through challenges, find answers to questions before they are even asked, and stay in tune with new listings and shifts in the market.     

What skill set do they possess?

Several professional skills are key to the success of a top agent in Blue Ridge.  As a skillful negotiator, they should work with other agents and both buyers and sellers to represent their clients with determination and tenacity. 

Additionally, your agent is typically juggling dozens of appointments, numerous clients, and seeking answers to countless questions, so they must be very energetic and organized. Your agent also needs to have a good working knowledge of architectural terminology, know the warning signs for problem areas in a home, and have the ability to steer clients toward or away from properties based upon their fitness for purchase. The best agents build complex networks of reputable construction and home repair professionals, lawn care and cleaning services, and professional photographers and stagers so that they become your go-to resource for all of the services you need to prepare your home to sell or make a newly purchased house the one of your dreams.

What do the customers say?

We all know it’s easy for an agent to look incredible on paper, but the true test comes from learning about the experiences of prior customers. If at all possible, seek out others who have worked with your potential agent before and learn from them. Would they recommend the agent’s services to someone else? Would they be likely to work with them again in the future? How frequently do they have repeat customers?

Has your agent earned accolades within their professional circles?

Outstanding agents earn recognition and awards from their associations or in the community. How has your potential agent stacked up against others in the field? Are they a top producer? Are they setting the bar high? Learn about their awards and recognitions and rest confident in your choice, knowing that they worked hard to earn those awards, and they’ll work hard for you, too. 

Meet one of the top agents in Blue Ridge

Now that you know what to look for in an outstanding Blue Ridge real estate agent, meet Laura Elleby. Laura keeps her finger on the pulse of up-to-the-minute real estate trends and treats each of her clients like family. There is nothing she enjoys more than the satisfaction of helping another client achieve their real estate dreams. Just read what Laura’s many clients have to say about working with her. Let Laura Elleby become your most trusted ally in the search for your perfect Blue Ridge home. Reach out to her today.

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